a streaming performance

A slow solo around a corner, a passionate trio with objects flying in the air, another performer hidden waiting for their turn to appear… This is a unique site specific performance!

React can turn any place into a place of wondrous surprises and unexpected images. 5 performers in a public space offer such a rich environment for creativity and humor.

A site specific performance is a complex and intricate construction. With 5 performers, each with a different path and story line, there are so many possibilities and details that you wish you could see. “I wish I could see that scene from the other side… I wish I could be one of the performers… I wish I could discover all the hidden details in a performance.”

With Replay all these wishes come true. You get to see every detail, you get to see from every point of view, you have the power to choose!

Switch view

Replay is a streamed performance where you can choose which camera to follow. Each performer has 1 action camera and there’s an outside perspective available as well. You can change point of view whenever you want and as many times as you want. You can “direct” your own performance, selecting scenes and how long you visit them. Every viewer will construct their own unique experience.

You can replay Replay as many times as you want. It stays online and you get to discover as many pathways and hidden details as you wish.

Six cameras, five performers, one take… infinite replays!

“Replay” is a performance by React where we explore both the specificity of a physical and social space, and the possibilities of a recorded performance.

Each performance is unique since it is the result of a short creation period in the actual space. The live performance where the recording happens can have a live audience as well. Replay can stay online for a long period and it plays on our own custom built online video player.

The length of the performance and the creation period will vary according to the needs and wishes of the organizer.

Premiered in 2021 (Norrtälje, Sweden)

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