A Dance Film, 09’52, Sweden, 2022

What feelings and memories do we carry within us from different places? How do they change over time?

The short film “The Cities Inside Us” depicts how our inner landscapes are in constant movement. This movement is connected to the physical world, to its people and places. Maybe our memories and feelings are an everlasting construction site where some parts get forgotten whereas others are rebuilt over and over again…

“The Cities Inside Us” is a short film by React that is inspired by different places of the Swedish town of Norrtälje. Moving through different surroundings, “The Cities Inside Us” reflects on the private and collective memories of certain places.

The Cities Inside Us is the first short film by React and an experiment on how to create a site specific performance for camera.


Directed and edited by Emi Stahl & Klara Kristoffersson, Created and performed by React, Choreography by React, Cinematography and color by Mattias Silva fsf, Music by David Åhrström.

Created as part of Kommun Koreograf (KoKo 2020).

With support from Municipality of Norrtälje, Region Stockholm Dans Cirkus and Kulturrådet.

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