A museum, a wedding, a cultural center, a bar, the 30th anniversary of a company, a bathroom, the staircase of a ruined building… Oh, what about the 2nd floor of your building?

Have you ever wondered about how a performance would look like in a certain place? Where would you like to see a performance happen? React will give you the chance to discover exactly how a performance looks like in your place of choice. We will create a specific Action for your place or event. Creativity is the only limit!

With our concept “An Action for…” we will turn any space into a place of wondrous surprises and unexpected images. With the help of dance, theater, and circus we will discover, play and create with what the specific space and situation has to offer. We will observe and question the way people behave and move in the chosen space, and use that social choreography as a starting point for our own creation. We will also explore the physical aspects of the space, big or small, flat or tilted, empty or packed and compose a tailor made Action fitted for the architecture colored by its social aspects.

“An Action for…” will create new and unexpected memories for a space or event that will last well after the performance is done. In a playful and interactive way, without blocking the flow or the natural usage of the space, we bring attention to things that are present but sometimes hidden. A touch of surreal in a very real situation.

What place do you want to highlight with an unique event? Have you ever looked at it this way?

An Action for...” is a performance by React where we explore the specificity of a physical and social space. Each performance is unique since it is the result of a short creation period in the actual space.

The length of the performance and the creation period will vary according to the needs and wishes of the organizer

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