Music playing, several stages, alternative events, people everywhere. Everyone is here to have fun, everyone committed to an unique experience. No one is ever alone, you meet old friends or find new ones, always ready to try or see new things. It’s a Festival!

A festival, a place for crowds, mobs and groups. Constant movement on a non-stop event. What could be a total chaos is indeed a very organized and choreographed situation.

In the middle of the anonymous masses are safe havens of knowledge and organization: staff members dressed in bright yellow jackets. They are the ones who know where anything is and when everything happens. They are there to help, even if they are standing on someones shoulders or dancing like maniacs. Once a yellow jacket, always a beacon of authority.

What if they know nothing? What if they organize the already organized or disorganize the disorganized?
But the real question is: Can you find love while queuing for the toilet?

Using dance, movement and object manipulation we create new logics and new spaces. We move from A to B and invite people to move with us.
We play with the flow of the festival questioning not only the rules and social norms of a festival but also the concepts of personal space, group influence and eagerness for fun.

Crowd Control” happens in a busy environment, with only our bodies, a rope and some traffic cones we aim to affect movement, emotions and attention of hundreds of people.

What would happen to a festival if the crowd lost control?

"Crowd Control" is a performance for events with big audiences where we play with the flow and movement of the crowd, testing the possibilities of the relation between audience and performers, welcoming and inviting interactions

The whole performance takes place inside the festival venue without blocking its usage for the public. It fits and adapts to events of different sizes and different kinds of festivals (music festivals, street festivals, big fairs and markets, etc)

Premiered at Flow Festival 2015 (Helsinki, Finland).

Duration: about 50 minutes.

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