React is an international company. We live and perform in several places in Sweden and Europe. This has a big impact on the world. We are fully aware of this issue but we still believe that our work has a positive impact in the world and society. But the work itself is not enough to reduce our negative impact on the planet. We are taking serious and relevant measures to counter this impact and become more sustainable in all dimensions of sustainability.

Concrete transition actions

1% for the planet

Every year we keep 1% of all companies' sales to invest back into sustainable projects focusing on environmental preservation. In 2023 React donated to One Tree Planted.

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Travels carbon reduction and compensation

Our goal is to reduce our negative carbon impact on all our travels. We take the train whenever possible, then if not possible we do a combination of direct flights and trains. We stick to these options even if the tickets are more expensive and the traveling time longer. We carbon compensate all our flights directly with Klimatfinansiera.

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Sustainable products

We buy from sustainable brands and ecological products for the company. All our recent costumes and props follow these guidelines. We choose to work with sustainable companies whenever we have that option.

Working conditions

We aim to give our collaborators, performers and creators the best working conditions possible. This includes getting a proper salary, quality food, rest and a healthy and safe work environment.